Welcome to my blog – wvappraiserboard.org – a place where you can find studying and teaching help. I am a professional teacher with years of experience in teaching the US students. Here you will find everything you need about the work of a teacher, the right approach to students, and much more.

A teacher isn’t just a person who knows a lot of material and gives it to students a couple times a week. There’s much more to the occupation, as you have to be a good psychologist to find the right approach to your students. They say children are taught studying skills at school and later no teacher should do anything more than reading the material to them. That is so not true, according to my experience. Here I write about what it is to be a teacher, how you can help your students, especially those who aren’t encouraged to study well.

This blog will become useful not only to fellow teachers, but for students and their parents, too. You can learn a lot about the ways to improve your studies and find interest in a subject you aren’t strong in. I can also tell you about the ways to understand your son’s/daughter’s needs may be while they are studying and how to encourage them to do so well. A professional teacher can give you lots of information, so please, look forward to my future posts.

If you have any questions about the website, me, my posts, or you just want to leave a feedback contact me right away, and I will give you all the answers!